• I am truly blessed.  I grew up poor, but I was blessed to have hard working parents who had a vision for my future.  They were resolute that my sister and I would have an opportunity to go to college, an opportunity not afforded them.  They changed our family tree.  I am the first person in my family tree to go to college, and my life has been transformed.  My daughter’s Kaitlyn Joy and McKinley Faith do not wonder if they will go to college, they talk about which one they will attend.  Education changed the Lentz family tree, and my passion is to help change other family trees by helping every student at Blue Ridge Middle School find his or her passion and prepare them for the future they deserve and desire.  


    Our goal at BRMS is to create a physically and emotionally safe learning environment, engage students in learning experiences that are meaningful, relevant, and prepare them for their future, to out work every other school around, and to have more fun than anyone else doing it!  Please feel free to reach out to me when you have questions, problems, or ideas.  When schools and parents partner together, Kids Win!

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