Verification of Enrollment (For Obtaining a Driver's License)

    Driver License Attendance Verification

    For a student between the ages of 16 and 18 to obtain a driver license, written parental permission must be provided for the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to access the student’s attendance records and, in certain circumstances, for a school administrator to provide the student’s attendance information to DPS. A Verification of Enrollment (VOE) form, which the student will need to submit to DPS upon application for a driver license, can be requested online and picked up from the BRHS office.


    VOE Eligibility:

    1) The school considers the student currently enrolled at the time the student applies for the VOE, and

    2) the school awarded the student credit for each class the semester prior to application for the VOE.

    If the student was not awarded credit for each class the semester prior to application for the VOE, the school should examine attendance records for the semester prior to application for the VOE and determine whether the student was present 90% of the time each class was offered. If so, the VOE may be issued. If the student did not receive credit and did not attend 90% of their classes, the school attendance committee and/or administration may approve a plan establishing conditions for the student to meet in order to receive a VOE.

    A student must meet the following requirements to receive a VOE. 

    (1) met minimum attendance for class credit (90 Percent Rule) in each class they were enrolled in semester, AND

    (2) received credit for all courses taken in the previous semester,

    OR (3) has complied with the conditions established by the school to receive this VOE form.