• BRHS Tardy Policy 2022-2023

    Learning the responsibility of getting to class on time is an integral part of BRHS’s standard of excellence, which prepares students for success. During the first days of school, all teachers will be working with their students, focusing on getting organized and arriving to class on time, or early, every day.

    The student’s responsibility is to consistently improve personal efficiency in utilizing passing time, planning the quickest route while still moving safely with the hall traffic.

    The teacher’s responsibility will be standing at the classroom door to supervise students during passing time and to encourage students to be punctual to class.

    The parent’s responsibility is to discuss this policy with their child, reinforcing the student’s ability to meet this responsibility of learning promptness, and supporting the necessity for the school’s establishing immediate consequences to prevent chronic tardiness.

    Getting tardiness under control—and/or keeping it under control—is a priority for most schools. A tardiness problem impacts more than just the front desk. Reducing tardiness:

    • Minimizes classroom interruptions for students who have shown up on time and prepared for class.
    • Establishes clear, consistent expectations for students.
    • Keeps teachers from having to choose whether or not to spend instruction time reprimanding students who are late.


    When the bell rings, the teacher begins instruction. Should a student arrive later than 10 minutes to class, the student shall be marked absent and sent to the office.

    1st Tardy

    Documented Warning

    2nd Tardy

    Documented Warning

    3rd - 5th Tardy

    Teacher notifies parents. Teacher-led morning or after-school detention and email notification to the parent with Tardy Policy attached (served within 24 hours of referral)

    6th - 7th Tardy

    Teacher initiates an office referral.  Student assigned to next "Lunch Bunch."

    8th - 9th Tardy

    Teacher initiates an office referral.  Student will be assigned a 3 hour Friday Night School and there will be a loss of the next school activity, fieldtrip or special event

    10th Tardy

    Teacher initiates an office referral.  Student will be assigned ISS and there will be a loss of the next school activity, fieldtrip or special event

    Tardy counts will run on a 9-week schedule alongside the grading period and will be reset accordingly.


    • *Students missing/skipping detentions will be moved to the next consequence. Students missing the required Friday and/or Saturday school will be assigned Out of School Suspension (OSS). Students assigned OSS receives Zero Credit for all daily/minor assignments.