• Blue Ridge ISD Dress Code

    Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, Blue Ridge ISD will merge the three campus-specific student handbooks into one School Board approved handbook for students. Listed below is general information about the Blue Ridge ISD dress code. 

    General Dress Code Information:

    • Clothing or apparel that is extreme, revealing, etc. will not be permitted. This includes the failure to wear an article that should be worn, such as underclothes and undergarments. 
    • No suggestive, defensive, rude, vulgar or obscene writings or drawings in any way will be allowed on any garment. (Ex. Hooters® shirts, guns, drugs, alcohol, etc.)
    • No trench coats or dusters will be allowed.
    • Under garments should not be visible when a student is standing, sitting, and walking.
    • All garments are to have a finished edge. 
    • Teachers may require a standard dress for particular, co-curricular activities, including science labs, art classes, shop classes, and physical education.  


    Hats/Head Covering/Sunglasses

    • No type of hat or head covering will be worn in the building during the school day. 
    • No sunglasses may be worn in the building. 


    Shorts/Split Skirts/Dresses/Pants & Jeans

    • Form fitting/tight pants may only be worn under a shirt or dress that is mid-thigh length.
    • No pajama bottoms or running shorts are allowed.
    • Pants that droop or sag must be worn above the hips and secured appropriately.
    • Holes in jeans or pants will be permitted only below mid-thigh length. Holes that are ruled potentially disruptive by the principal will not be permitted. 



    • All shoulder straps will be minimum of the "three finger rule" as it applies to the student. 
    • Sleeveless shirts, blouses, and dresses are acceptable as long as the armholes have finished edges, not exposing the torso. 
    • No exposed cleavage. 
    • Shirt must cover front and back midriff at all times whether standing, sitting, stretching, or bending. Shirts/Blouses must be able to be tucked in. 
    • No see through (thin or mesh) shirts/blouses. 
    • No pajamas. 



    • Shoes and boots with metal taps, cleats, and spikes are not permitted inside the building. 
    • No house shoes or slippers will be allowed. This is to include shoes with cotton/plush insides which appear to look like house slippers.


    Facial Hair, Hair, and Grooming

    • Hair that sits below the eyebrows and interferes with vision is not permitted.
    • Designs or patterns in eyebrows or hair will not be permitted. 
    • Distracting haircuts, colors, or styles will not be permitted.
    • Mustaches, goatees, beards, or any other facial hair are not permitted. Sideburns are not to be lower than the bottom of the ear lobe. 



    • Excessive jewelry, dog collars, dog chains, and billfold chains will not be allowed.
    • Boys may not wear earrings. Girls may wear earrings only in the ear.
    • Nose rings or piercings, tongue rings, or any visible pierced jewelry, other than jewelry worn in the ear, is prohibited. Plugs and spacers are also not allowed. Coverage with a bandage or other covering is not acceptable. 
    • Tattoos and/or skin decorations cannot be exposed. They must be covered at all times including PE and Athletics. 
    • No writing on body.