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    Welcome to my website :-)



    I love teaching Spanish and am looking forward to the new school year working with your children!  This is year 10 teaching Spanish and year 4 as a Blue Ridge Tiger.  :-)


    The best time to reach me is during my conference period- 8th period this year.  The most effective way to communicate with me is via email:    http://http://brisd.net/domain/283

    I check it periodically throughout the day as time permits and will respond to you just as quickly as I can.






    It is imperative that students work outside of class on concepts and vocabulary presented in class.  No one can gain a working vocabulary in a new language if they do not put in the time to commit it to memory.  Not doing so results in a student who cannot produce any spontaneous utterances at the end of a year of instruction.  Instead, they will be reliant on their text book or other sources.  The use of translator apps is absolutely forbidden.  Nothing is learned by a student who relies on translators to do the heavy lifting for him or her. 

    My minimum expectation of outside study is 20 minutes every other day, year round.

    I will be utilizing Google Classroom again this year.  Students will be given a code on the first day of classes that will allow them to "join" their class and then can see, download, and work with any documents I post for them.  If you, as a parent would like access to your studentś class, send me an email.  I highly recommend it!  You will be able to see any electronic assignments and their due dates on Google Classroom.  My Spanish I and II textbooks will be available under the About tab in Google Classroom as will all slide presentations that I use when I am instructing.

    Here is a link to my  BRISD Spanish Face Book page: goo.gl/orDVZN.  Check it out for photos of projects, in-class activities and Spanish III field trips! 

    I'm also the student government sponsor for 18-19.