The Outcasts of Poker Flat

  • UNCLE BILLY, an outcast

    Elizabeth Wright

    MOTHER SHIPTON, an outcast

    Bethany Hollis

    JOHN OAKHURST, an outcast

    Cole Spears

    DUCHESS, an outcast

    Charley Ann McGill

    TOM SIMPSON, a young man

    Trent Lintzen

    PINEY WOODS, his fiancée

    Emily Jech

    JIM WHEELER, a solid citizen

    Chase Hallford


    Contest Stage Manager

    Olivia Kramer

    Lighting, creating “Fire” lighting effects; tonight’s Stage Manager

    Ross Spears


    Summer Duncan


    Troy Spears

    Lighting, “Mother Nature” creating sunlight and wind effects

    Katie Littlejohn

    Directed by

    Stacey Raymer

  • The Outcasts of Poker Flat


    2012 District 17 Zone A Advancing Play

    Zone Awards:

    ® Best Actor   Trent Lintzen

    ® Honorable Mention All Star Cast     Lizzie Wright

    ® All-Star Cast Bethany Hollis

    ® All-Star Cast Emily Jech

    ® All-Star Cast Charley Ann McGill

    ® All-Star Cast Cole Spears

    ® Technical Excellence Award Olivia Kramer


    District Awards:

    ® Technical All-Star Troy Spears

    ® Technical All-Star Summer Duncan

    ® Honorable Mention All Star Cast Bethany Hollis

    ® Honorable Mention All Star Cast Emily Jech

    ® Honorable Mention All Star Cast Charley Ann McGill

    ® Honorable Mention All Star Cast Cole Spears