Pre-K and Kindergarten Student Enrollment Steps

  • Blue Ridge ISD uses Ascender ParentPortal to manage information for students within Blue Ridge ISD. This site provides web access to school-related information about your students, including attendance, grades, discipline, assessments, and immunizations. Ascender ParentPortal is also used to enroll and update all student information, digitally upload documents required for registration, and complete forms that are required annually. The following steps are required for all new students in order to register for the upcoming school year.


Step 1

  • To begin the registration process you will need to set up your Ascender ParentPortal account. Once you have created your account go to the New Student Enrollment Page to enroll a new student online. Once Blue Ridge ISD has completed your student's enrollment, the campus will issue you a ParentPortal ID for each student you successfully enrolled. You will use this ParentPortal ID to add each student to your account. 


    Click here for student enrollment

Step 2

  • Once logged into your Ascender ParentPortal account, go to New Student Enrollment. This page allows you to go through the steps required to enroll new students online. You can enroll multiple students at once. 


    1- Student Name


    Enrollment Step 1





















    2- Enrollment Key: an enrollment key will be sent to your email. Check your email and copy the enrollment key into the box. 


    Enrollment Step 2 - Email Validation













    3- Addresses & Contacts: Enter physical and mailing addresses for the student and other contact information


    Enrollment Step 3





























    4- Student Information: Select Add/Edit Info to add information to each student. You will add the student's address, contacts, demographic information, and all required documentation for registration.


    New Student Enrollment documents include proof of residency, Child's Birth Certificate, Child's Social Security Card (optional, if not provided a State School ID will be issued), Child's Immunization Records, Driver's License of Enrolling Parent/Guardian, Withdrawal Form from the previous district, or district name and location, and all applicable legal documentation. 


    Enrollment Step 4



    5- Complete enrollment forms: 


    Enrollment Step 5

  • If you have difficulties uploading and of the required documentation, please email the elementary campus at or call 972-752-5554.



    Blue Ridge Elementary School: