• 1st 6 weeks:

    Week 1: Numerical Patterns, Place Value, Cumulative TEKS (4th Grade)

    Week 2: Two-Dimensional Figures, Decimal Models, Decimal Place Value

    Week 3: Division- One-digit divisor, Decimal Models, Data Analysis

    Week4: Two-Dimensional Figures, Number Theory, Add/Subtract Computation Practice

    Week 5: Compare and Order Decimals, Mixed Computation, Data Analysis

    Week 6: Review and FA 1


    2nd 6 Weeks:

    Week 1: Number Theory, Decmals and Fractions Review, Numerical Patterns

    Week 2: Decimal Add/Subtract, Computation/Mixed Practice, Classifying Triangles

    Week 3: Simplify Numberical Expressions, Rounding/Estimation Add & Subtract, Fraction Review

    Week 4: Perimeter, Multiplication 2-digit x 2-digit, Data Analysis/Graphs

    Week 5: Area and Perimeter, Multiple Step Problems, Numerical Patterns

    Week 6: Review and FA 2


    3rd 6 Weeks:

    Week 1: Mixed Conversions, Personal Financial Literacy, PFL Money Management

    Week 2: Division 2-digit divisor, Data Analysis, Fraction Add/Subtract Equal Denominators

     Week 3:Estimation and Rounding, Numerical Relationships, Fraction Add/Subtract Unequal Denominators

    Week 4: Numerical Expressions, Personal Financial Literacy, Multiplying Decimals

    Week 5: Dividing Decimals, Numerical Patterns, Data Analysis

    Week 6: Review and FA 3


    4th 6 Weeks:

    Week 1: Volume, Division and Multiplication, Estimation Practice

    Week 2: Multiplying Fractions, Review Decimals, Numerical Patterns

    Week 3: Dividing Fractions, Dividing Decimals, Multiply and Divide Decimals

    Week 4: Mixed Fractions Practice, Numerical Expressions, Data Analysis

    Week 5: Coordinate Geometry Part 1, Mixed Concept Review, Data Analysis

    Week 6: Review and FA 4


    5th 6 Weeks: 

    Week 1: Coordinate Geometry Part 2, Data Analysis, TEKS Review

    Week 2: STAAR Review 

    Week 3: STAAR Review

    Week 4: STAAR Reivew

    Week 5: STAAR Assessment 

    Week 6: STAAR Assessment


    6th 6 Weeks: 

    Week 1: Ratios, Computation Practice, Estimation

    Week 2: Fractions/Decimals/Percents (6th grade), Computation Practice

    Week 3: Fractions/Decimals/Percents (6th grade), Computation Practice

    Week 4: Mixed Computation Practice and Process Problems, Data Analysis

    Week 5: Mixed Computation- Enrichment, Data Analysis

    Week 6: Enrichment