• A Blue Ridge Graduate is....




    * Prepared to succeed as a productive adult in the real world

    * Committed to complete tasks with pride and efficiency

    * Continuously seeking self-awareness in order to best utilize skills/talents for the betterment of society.

    * Respectful to all, and respected by all he or she encounters

    * Empowered to make life better for self and others

    * Able to compete academically and professionally

    * Reliable and dependable

    * Driven by goals and passions

    * Full of character, integrity, honesty, compassion, empathy

    * Tenacious and never gives up on himself/herself or the community in which he/she resides




     A Blue Ridge Employee is...


    whelan leslie



    * Driven by each student’s growth 

    * Committed to every colleague

    * Passionate about his/her personal growth and development

    * Effective and efficient in his/her work

    * Applying best practices that ensure learning for all students

    * Perpetually seeking new ways to meet the needs of students

    * Caring, empathetic, energetic, and a positive role model

    * Flexible, adaptable, and selfless

    * Focused on the primary tasks that lead to adult and student growth

    * An effective, enthusiastic, and respectful communicator